[140203] Happy Kyuhyun Day \o/


This road is hard but for you, I'm willing to go till the end. Because a day can be brighten with just your smile.  

You’re getting older, so am i. But without looking into your eyes, im waiting you endlessly

Even if i see good looking men, you have you know that you’re the best

It's been a long time since I gave up trying to find a way to stop looking at you.

We will never be real friends. But i spend my days loving you.

When no one is there, you are. When i feel lonely, even if i dont, you are there and im here.

No one understands, but you understand. So just love, and live, and feel, and enjoy it.

i accidentally fell in love with a guy and he never even learned my name xD

Why do i get so small in front of you? But I enjoy every torment you gave me.

No complaint, because I'm the one who decides to be in this one-sided love.

As time goes by, this shady girl thinks only of you

i didnt choose you. my heart did.

Your most loyal fans will never cheat on you, Oppa. Both of us, fighting!!

Thanks for being what you are today. Let’s be together for 1000 years more

Zhao Gui Xian... Wo zhen de ai ni

@GaemGyu : 올해도 생일은 스키장에서~~^^ 새로 장만한 보드로 슝슝~ !!!


Because you, Cho Kyuhyun, are my biggest treasure. I love you, Lover